Andrew ACKERMAN//Director

Andrew has filmed sharks, bears, cage-fighters, and himself in his quest to study the most dangerous, yet misunderstood, creature on the planet. He graduated from Middlebury College with a degree in Film and Media Studies. His senior thesis, titled “Don’t Make Love to it Andrew” was about his own relationship with masculinity and violence as he prepared for his first, and only, cage fight.  He served as a director of photography on Jeff Orlowski's acclaimed documentary "Chasing Coral."

Andrew lives in Boulder, Colorado. He has never been able to dunk a basketball and has no plans on future attempts. 


Bryan Shpall//Producer

Bryan hails from Colorado and earned a degree in English Literature from Middlebury College.  Before working at Off The Map, Bryan was at Levantine Films, an independent film production company based out of New York.  During his time at Levantine Films, Bryan served as Story Editor and in that capacity he worked on several acclaimed films including "The Fundamentals of Caring" and the Oscar-nominated "Hidden Figures."

Bryan is a Colorado native.  He fainted at his Bar Mitzvah, but has been doing better since. 


TITO HEIDERER//Music Producer

Tito Heiderer has been called Boulder’s response to Jimi Hendrix. When not melting faces on stage, Tito is often found in his home studio composing and recording film scores for a number of projects. His favorite instrument is the lute, for which he composed a 12 movement concerto entitled Lute Fever in D Minor. After graduating Middlebury College in 2015, Tito attended the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles studying music theory and spending all his free time surfing.

Tito has since returned to Boulder to climb mountains and serenade the city with gentle lute song from the mountain tops. 


Kirk Horton//Assistant Producer

Kirk comes from California and majored in Film and Media Culture at Middlebury College. He spent a year after college freelancing in New York City, and has followed his excitement for documentary film and the outdoors to Colorado. Most recently, his film "For The Love Of Mary" premiered at the Telluride Mountainfilm Festival. 


Kirk lives in Boulder, Colorado. One of his front teeth is fake but he likes to think it isn't very obvious which one it is. 


At 5, Andrea founded the Friendship Club, and has been organizing people, places, and things ever since. She prefers shining off-screen rather than on, which is evident in her short, My Boyfriend: The Documentary Filmmaker. Throughout her career, she has worn many hats, the favorite being a denim hat with a large sunflower on the front.

Andrea takes the saying “laugh so hard you pee yourself” incredibly seriously - she won’t leave the house without extra underwear in her purse.


Ren//CWO -
Chief woof officer

Ren, in her totally unbiased opinion, is the most important creature at OTM. She didn’t graduate from some yuppy college and hasn’t won any fancy awards. She just gets her work done every doggone day. Ren is single minded in her pursuit of food…er… excellence…and insists on a solid 8 hours sleep every night.

She has never said thank you and has sworn to never do so.