The Guide

Colby Brokvist travels all over the world bringing people to wild places for a living. He has walked the Appalachian trail, sailed to Antarctica, and hiked in the fjords of Greenland…he likes exploring. This film is about Colby, someone who has dedicated their life to exploring, and showing others, the wilderness. The life of an expedition leader is very glamorized, and this film shows a peak behind the curtain. From Greenland to Yellowstone, from Colorado to Norway, we will travel with Colby and see some of the most remote and beautiful places in the world. We see him hiking in the Lofoten Islands and flying above the Greenland ice sheet. We see someone who has spent much of his life in the wilderness and how those wild places have changed him. This film is an exploration into the wild places and what they mean to us. Through watching our character interact with these wild places we fall in love with them as well and want to protect them.

The Guide goes beyond the wanderlust Instagram explorer and shows the responsibility of travel and the stress that can accompany it. Seeing beautiful and wild places is incredibly romanticized and can be amazing experiences, but that is not the entire story. By showing the full picture of exploration and not just one glamorized side of it, we will get to the heart of what wilderness means and can do for us. Even though some of the places visited in the film are very remote and not easy to access, the core message of the film is that everyone has something they can love in the wild places, and those wild places are incredibly important to us as a species and necessary to protect. In a time where we are inundated with distractions from our fast paced modern styles of communication, Colby’s drive to go explore and the lessons he learns from it are a much needed perspective and a good reminder of the importance of being present.